General Press Release

Unboxing Private Island

Social event platform Private Island presents a new rival to social media Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram as well as to major event companies as they release their answer to the future of social event networking this [insert day].
Private Island connects users to top events and people within their extended social network, facilitating the organisation and attendance of high-quality parties, trips, private events and other gatherings around the world.
While Private Island functions in the virtual sphere using character avatars, instant messaging and the sharing of social content, the ‘private islands’ which pop up on the global event map represent real-life, future experiences which users can request to attend.
Furthermore, Private Island presents the pinnacle of inclusive exclusivity. In addition to anyone being able to become a host and organise their own private events and experiences, for the first time, users are not limited to tracking and following the stories of their favourite celebrities and influencers, but have the opportunity to be a part of these experiences too, if their request to join an event is accepted by the host. This selective attendance process allows for the host to curate the perfect guest list for their event in addition to broadening the ambitions and experiences of Private Island users.
Exclusivity and celebrity parties however is not the sole focus of this revolutionary software. Private Island is also used to support a variety of organisations that benefit from in-person collaboration. Subsequently, they have expressed strong interest in harnessing the power and utility of their platform to assist the organisation of NGO and health-care focussed conferences, events and fundraisers, with a view to facilitating the push to overcome the hurdles which still riddle the Covid-19 pandemic, in conjunction with other social impact movements.
Moreover, Private Island presents a solution to the safe organisation of events in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing hosts to curate a ‘safe bubble’ of vetted guests who can be required to upload Covid safe documents. Only those who have been approved by the host are able to access tickets and attend.
Advances in the social events sphere present good news in a strange era of forced digitalisation. Unlike mainstream social media, Private Island is able to lay claim to the re-awakening of authentic human connection, counting success not in ‘likes’, but by the creation of real happiness through interpersonal connection.
You can start your Private Island journey today by downloading the {Private Island app} on the app store.
Available for iOS 12.0 and above.