So, we are all ‘influencers’ now?

Here’s how to get paid to attend events with your friends.

For most of us, the concept of ‘the influencer’ falls into a grey, semi-untouchable space between the celebrity and the masses. Typically, the influencer has social following and power to alter the behaviour of us, ‘the influenced’. So what if I told you that you too are an influencer? And that you can make money simply from attending events and inviting your friends?

Welcome to the age of Private Island… let me explain.

Technically, one might be categorised as a nano-influencer (up to 5k followers) or a micro influencer (5–10k followers). But, with the launch of technology platform Private Island, apparently numbers don’t mean a thing. It’s the classic conundrum of quality vs quantity, and according to Private Island, quality, hands down, wins.

Private Island is the event technology platform on a mission to connect their users with their extended network and the hosts of top-tier events worldwide to inspire more and better offline events. They want to transform the online world of social media into real socialisation within a few clicks.

But if they are so focussed on the real world, why would Private Island care about influencers?

It’s not about discount codes or promoting sign-ups, it’s about actually getting people to take a leap and attend real-world events*.

Once you request to attend an event on Private Island, you can also apply to be an event promotor. The model is simple — share the unique event flyer with your friends/ followers and convert shares into ticket purchases. For every ticket purchased through your promotion, you earn commission as a percentage of the ticket price. The amount of commission which you receive for each event is pre-set by the event host.

Let’s look at some numbers:

You want to attend a Halloween party in LA.

There are 1000 tickets available and they each cost $50.

You buy a ticket for $50 and then share the event flyer with your friends and followers as a promotor.

Promotor commission is 10%.

If, you sell 10 tickets, you make your money back. If you sell more than 10 tickets, you are making a profit from attending one of the best Halloween parties in LA.

No-brainer right?


You can download the Private Island app on the app store (iOS) and create a profile and keep your eye out for events happening near you.

Last but not least, embrace and enjoy your new lifestyle as an ‘influencer’. And don’t forget to tell your friends that they are influencers too now!

*In accordance with Covid regulations.

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