Crash and Burn the ‘classics’, welcome to the ‘real’ media takeover

How Tech Start-up Private Island is set to Redefine the way in Which we use Social Media.

Take the well-known phase ‘out with the old and in with the new’ — now flip that and reverse it. 180*. Total cartwheel, rewrite the books and forget the 90s: the millennium of socialisation has hit, with tech start-up Private Island gripping the wheel for take-off.

Did you know that digital media, as we know it, is no longer cool? Nor did we, until Private Island hit our phone screens this week.

This revolutionary app promotes a new kind of ‘vintage’, measuring success not by likes, but by… real happiness?

Let me explain.

Out with the ‘new’ and in with the ‘old’

The obvious benefit of real media really had to hit us hard in the face. When did we become so detached? It shouldn’t be shocking that the opportunity for real experience outweighs online medias in value by a moonshot, but the brainwashing of mainstream social medias like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook has tricked our brains into feeling satisfied with the teeny tiny dopamine rush which hits us with every ‘like’ notification. These little hits of dopamine felt cool for a while, simply because they were felt hand-in-hand with the real happiness our hearts feel from hanging with our buddies in the real world. Social media is exciting because it opens up an entirely new world within an already incredible world which we live in. It served us as an escape, a way of making friends, forming new interests and providing a space for us to curate a vision for how we would like the world to see us. However, since the danger of Covid transmission by in-person socialisation has launched humanity into an era of forced digitalisation, social medias merely serve as a poor substitute to the real-world which we used to take so much for granted.

I can’t discredit social media in general for its ability to keep us all connected during the dark days of the pandemic, but looking to the future, there must be a better option.

It’s called vintage?!

By vintage I don’t mean flee-bitten charity shop sweaters your aunt gave you last Christmas, I am instead referring to the sleek, high-tech revolution known as Private Island which has provided the world with the cross-breed online/ offline solution it has been so desperately looking for.

Private Island taps into the most human values of connectivity, curiosity and the urge to create positive impact and memories. At the same time, it also provides a solution to the future of socialisation in and out of the Pandemic.

Social media vs ‘real’ media — whose who?

First off, yes, Private Island is an application, and yes, it might have been previously reported as a social media lookalike, but really it is so much more.

Private Island connects hosts and users to advance, and better, real life experiences. Hosts are able to tap into the app and create an event of their choice within minutes, deciding whether to keep their event friends-only (secret) or to promote their event publicly as their unique Private Island illustration on the public events map. Users then have the opportunity to access these events world-wide, exploring the Private Island map and requesting to attend where they like. It is up to the host to approve the request of the user, and as they do, the perfect guest list for each event is curated. This guest list not only acts as a method of preserving exclusivity and feasibility, but also as a social bubble in which guests feel confident that the event they attend is Covid safe*. Once a user has been accepted for an event, they are automatically issued with a ticket, QR code and access to the event group chat. In the meantime, the host is able to collect funds and promote their event by advertising the unique event illustration flyer issued to them by Private Island. This simple process ultimately means one thing: users can go from online social to real-world socialising in just a couple of clicks.

* This is not guaranteed by Private Island, but is possible through proper use of the Covid safe features of the app.

We don’t measure success in ‘likes’, we measure success in real happiness

Because, isn’t that what it’s all really about? Happiness? The magic number missing from the equations of all major social media calculations and considerations before. Now we see, with the demise of Facebook for failing to implement a positive data protection strategy, with the increase in teen suicides (Newswise, 2021) as a result of negative interactions on Instagram and Snapchat, with the necessity for mental health campaigns to take centre stage and the strength of the movement for more tolerance and inclusivity online — social media as we know can not and does not make us happy. It polarises, it thrives on cleavages between the people who use it and it terminates the sharing of real happiness.

Although, maybe we can change this, maybe it is not too late, and certainly, the answer lies upon the grassy hills of the Islands which populate our digital gateway to the real world.

Stay tuned and welcome, to the age of Private Island.

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