Unboxing Private Island

Snapchat, Facebook & Eventbrite’s biggest rival explained...

This social media / event platform which is now available for iOs, claims to map the future of social worldwide. Here is what you need to know about Private Island.

Wondering what the future of social will look like in an era of near total digitalisation following the Covid-19 pandemic? While many social medias have advanced their platforms to optimise online experience, Private Island presents a 180 alternative — using online media to inspire, facilitate and make better, real time, offline experiences. Here’s what you need to know about the event media app.

So, what is Private Island? Imagine you have an app on your phone which gives you direct access to the most popular parties being hosted and attended worldwide. Following the lives of your favourite celebrities and influencers no longer ends at the view of a ‘story’ but instead begins with the opportunity for real-life connection. Essentially, Private Island’s mission is to empower their users to not only discover, but also to experience real social opportunities within their network, inspiring more events, more adventure and more ‘real happiness’.

Okay, so how does it work? Private Island allows users to go from social media to socialising in record speed, connecting hosts and users in just 3 steps:

  1. A host builds an event in a minute, receiving an AI generated island illustration that is then displayed on the events map and can be shared to invite their friends.

  2. The host reviews the profiles of requested users and approves the perfect guest list for the event.

  3. All approved participants are issued a scannable ticket and put into a group chat while the host collects funds for the event through our secure payment system.

When did it launch? Private Island was conceptualised before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, however, despite the 80,000 users which the platform immediately attracted, it was feared that alongside backlash in the press for being a ‘social promotion application’ that the bulwark to success for Private Island in this time was too high.

It was at this point that Private Island realised that rather than posing a threat to safety during the Pandemic, they in fact held the solution to the future of socialisation, giving hosts the opportunity to curate their own guest-list and simultaneously create a ‘safe bubble’. The revised version of the app has been underway ever since and will be launching in the upcoming days.

Where can I get the Private Island App? The full version of Private Island is currently only available for iOS. 12 and above. A simple iteration is available for buying tickets on Android and the full experience will be coming to the Play Market soon.

Do I have to be a member to sign up? Private Island does not require membership or any direct fees at all. Their revenue model comes from taking 10% off of each ticket sale. This hits the market as a a strong competitor to event and ticket services like Event brite who take a commission of up to 25% on all ticket sales.

How much of my data does Private Island want for registration? You will need to provide your phone number, email address and your real name to make a Private Island account. Accounts are verified by a 4-digit authorisation code which is sent to your phone via SMS as well as a verification email. Once your account is set up, you have the option to link your social medias if you so wish.

Can I just go to any event on Private Island? Users can request to attend any private event on the Private Island map, but the decision of whether their request is accepted lies with the host. If the host declines a user’s request, the user receives a full and immediate refund. If the user’s request is accepted, they receive their ticket and QR code and are added to the event group chat. Secret events are hidden fro the map and are only available to users who have received a personal invitation.

How many people can attend an event? There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees at events organised through Private Island, although, they do advise to make sure that when organising an event, the host adheres to local and national restrictions on capacity and entry requirements during the Covid era. There is a feature on the app where users are able to upload their negative tests or vaccinations if necessary.

Is Private Island just for parties? No! Private Island values diversity and the platform can be harnessed to organise all sorts of social gatherings ranging from conference’s to NGO galas to Coachella to your grandma’s birthday party.

So, you claim that Private Island is a rival to big social medias like Snapchat? Private Island does everything that big social medias do and then takes it one step further. It is a poster-girl cross breed between the social and events worlds that is yet to be previously seen. Like Snap-maps, Private Island centres itself on a map of the world, but not only can you see where your friends are, you can also see what they are doing. And then, if you like, you can join them in the real world too.

Big social medias have attempted to incorporate events into their social models before (take a look at Facebook for example), but these have never really taken off, with events pages seeming to take a backseat. Private Island’s social media model and event focus truly takes the online offline and presents a fast turning point for the future of social medias.

Can I make money on Private Island? Yes! You can make money by hosting events but you can also make money by attending events and helping to promote them, with every referral that joins an event you will make a commission.

Hosts who wish to increase the awareness around their event can do so by up to 1000x by adding promotors to their event. Promotors earn a set commission from each ticket sale which comes as a result of their promotion. This commission is usually set from between 5–10%.

Who uses Private Island? Private Island right now is most well-known in LA where it is based. Founder Nicholas Duro has a strong network which he built up during his time as owner of Honeymoon ice-cream, where hosting parties served as a main marketing strategy. Private Island mainly hosts girls in their late-teens / early 20s as user and older men/ event organisers/ venue owners as hosts.

In conclusion, Private Island represents an exciting turn-over in the nature of online media. For the first time, an online platform has the capacity to inspire its users and bring people together on mass relative to their interests. The future looks very bright indeed.

You can download Private Island now on the app store or you can visit their website at

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