Private Island NFTs

What is a Private Island Treasure?
Every Private Island Treasure comes from a Treasure Chest. Some Treasures have already been opened. But every Treasure is unique and relates uniquely to a specific part of the Private Island world and a specific revenue stream for you, the owner, to cultivate, nourish, grow and harvest.




Jurisdictions - Major Cities Examples: Coachella Valley


Islands - Generic Venues Examples: Chalet, Camping



Examples: Chef, Masseuse


Calendar Dates

Major events every day

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How To Get Private Island Treasures?

Private Island is selling Treasures on OpenSea

There are 100 Islands available now. Additionally, there are hundreds of Private Island Treasure Chests available at different prices depending on the type of Treasure they contain. If you purchase Treasure in a Treasure Chest, you take a risk on the contents before the Treasure emerges. More Treasure Chests will be released in the coming months and new types of Treasures will be introduced.