The hottest events of 2021


Anyone can host, design and post events

Increase event exposure 10-10000x
without the cost of advertising.


1. Set up your Private Island Profile

Set up your profile within our Private Island app. From the moment you create an account, you have the ability to host events on the private Island platform. 


To create an event, simple select the '+' button in the menu bar. 

2. Curate your own event

As a Private Island host you have the complete freedom to curate your event type, location, features, guest-list & ticket prices. 

left - social.png
Right - experiance.png

Artificial intelligence then generates a unique event illustration and publishes your event either to our event map (for private events) or to your circle of friends who you have invited (for secret events). 

3. Create your perfect guest list

Asset 1 9.png

Entirely exclusive
The host selects from the prequalified request list for the perfect guest list every-time.

Seamless extraordinary experiences
communities created with each event.

Funds are transferred directly to the organiser’s bank account.

4. Invite & Share

Hosts choose who they want to invite with just one tap

Invitations reach our community, and beyond with a social, email and text.


Those who accept their invitations by purchasing a ticket or joining will be added to the island, issued a ticket and added to the event’s group chat.

Group 868881.png

Guests are incentivised to share the event by earning a commission set by the organiser for each person they join to help spread the word.

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What are you waiting for? 
Start your Private Island journey now.